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One of my favorite things to do during a trip to Target is to walk down the “Crayola” aisle. You know, the aisle that Crayola must own in every store since it is practically devoted to them alone. Anyway, on my most recent trip down the this particular aisle, I discovered dry erase crayons! How had I never seen these before? Of course, I grabbed a box and took them home to my 3-year-old.

OMG, I love these things! Being a mom of two boys, you would think that I’m okay with them getting dirty, sticky, ect, etc. But, I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m working on it. Really, I am. But there are still times that I find myself cringing when I look over and they are covered in marker. Ahhh, but not with dry erase crayons! Dry erase crayons draw on paper or a white board – not your child! Plus, my kid loves them (honestly, as long as he can draw, he doens’t care what he’s using)!

In a few weeks we will be making a trip out to Hawaii from North Carolina. That’s about ten hours of travel time on an airplane. I can’t wait to take these crayons with us. On our last flight out to the west coast I brought dry erase markers. By the end of the trip I had to throw out several because the caps weren’t on tight enough and they dried out. This time I won’t have to worry about marker mess and marker dry-out. I’ll be able to toss them in a zipper pouch and go.

It’s the simple things that a mom that make life easer. Today, it’s dry erase crayons 🙂

Today’s dry erase crayon masterpiece by my 3-year-old genius titledWhat Happened To All These Strings?”