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I love movies and movies are a form of art. So, I totally plan on using this blog as a review of all the movies that I see.

Tonight’s movie…Magic Mike.

Let’s be honest. My girlfriends and I didn’t go see this particular movie for the storyline or the acting. We went for the, well, we’ll call it “dancing.” And yes, there was a lot of “dancing.”

Was the writing great? No. The storyline lacked originality as I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a similar story about women strippers sometime in the 90s.

Was the acting great? No. Though I will say that Channing Tatum has come a long, long way from his early Step Up days. He really did make me feel connected to his character and when he —SPOILER ALERT — breaks free from the stripper life, I was genuinely proud of him. Alex Pettyfer on the other hand really needed to go. He was annoying and whiny as a down-on-his-luck-twenty-something. Couldn’t Matt Boemer have played the part instead? He was really under utilized with his one line. In fact, a lot of the other guys were under utilitzed.

But that’s the bad. Lets talk about the good. Well, that’s simple…THE MEN. I mean, that’s why we went to see it right? Seriously, every time a stage performance came on the screen, women in the theater were cheering. It was surprising and funny at the same time. Another great part of the movie was the nice reminder that Channing Tatum has got some moves! He is an incredible dancer and was allowed to showcase that talent. And don’t forget about Matthew McConaughey! Not only did he dance —SPOILER ALERT — in what could have been called a thong, though there really wasn’t much thong there, he sang in that deep Texan accent we all love.

So, over all, I’d give Magic Mike a B-. It’s wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. Definitely a fun movie with the girls!