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Okay, so coming back from vacation has definitely hindered my ability to get out and see some new movies. The last movie (and only movie I’ve reviewed so far) was Magic Mike. I’m even two issues behind on my Entertainment Weekly magazines…gasp! I’m never behind on my favorite magazine. Ever.

Would you believe I was offered the chance to get out and see The Amazing Spiderman in 3D tonight and I had to turn it down? That’s just unheard of! Especially since it’s been out for so long and I STILL haven’t seen it. If I wait any longer at this point I’ll be watching it on blu-ray. I also haven’t seen Ted yet. I love Seth McFarlan, so for me to have not seen Ted is also pretty bad. I should be so ashamed!

So, my goal in the next three weeks is to see at least two recently released movies. Which movies they will be I can’t say. It’ll just have to be a surprise.