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The Olympic games are addictive, there’s no doubt about it. Every two years we all get a free ticket – meaning no judgement – to plant our butts on the sofa and get lost in the games. With the internet and smart phones, we even have the opportunity to watch any time during the day. As a stay-at-home mom, I wonder how many people out there sneak off to the bathroom during their break with their phone in hand to grab a peek at their favorite event. You know it happens.

It’s funny because as I’m sitting here glued to my tv, butt comfortably positioned on the sofa, my mind wonders back through my childhood memories of the Olympics. I remember I used to hate when they were on because they interrupted my regularly scheduled programming (yes, I’ve had an addiction to tv since I was a small child). But, as I grew older I started to better understand the significance of these games. Yeah, there are a lot of obscure events, but it’s the entire world competing on one stage. People all across the world are watching the same events that I’m watching, cheering on their teams and their favorite athletes. How incredible is that thought? World unity for two whole weeks.

I also love that the host country/city is given the opportunity to present their historical heritage and their culture for us all. I especially love the little clips that showcase a monument, a town or a bag pipe band called the Red Hot Chili Pipers. Talk about an awesome band. Maybe when we had to the UK in 2014 we’ll have to make a stop in Glasgow to check them out. I know this is going to sound really, but my favorite panoramic views of London, before and after the commercial breaks, are the ones where I can see the London Eye. You know, the ginormous ferris wheel. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with that thing. My husband thinks I’m silly because every time I see it (which is during every beach volleyball event), I HAVE to point it out to him.

Well, alas, the Mens 400M qualifier is about to come on and my favorite runner, South Africa’s Oscar Pistorius, will be running. So, it’s time to wrap up. Hope you all are enjoying the games as much as I am!