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I have been contemplating over the past few days about what my next post should be about and it turns out that I got nothing. So, I thought why not write about nothing?

If you think about it, the ability to do nothing is an art that few are able to truly master. Especially for anyone with children. Think about it. How often do you actually take a break from daily life to enjoy doing nothing?

For my family, the art of doing nothing is a difficult one. Children have this crazy idea in their little heads that they must be entertained at all times. Be it play time, movie time, or whatever else, sitting back to relax just isn’t in their vocabulary. Thus, when parents finally get a break they often don’t know what to do with themselves – i.e. emptinesters syndrome.

For me, it has become a goal to teach my kids to find balance in their life between busy and nothing. It seems like today kids (as well as parents) can be over extended in their activities. School, soccer, baseball, swimming, ect, all pile up at once and it seems like a bit too much. Do too many activities result in the need to be entertained at all times? I’m not an expert, but I kind of think it does. When busy, busy, busy suddenly turns into nothing to do, kids who are used to being shuffled from one activity to another don’t know what to do with themselves (remember, this is just my observed opinion). I imagine that any sense of alone time is unfathomable. I’m sure there are experts out there who could argue both sides.

Thus, balance between busy and nothing becomes the challenge. I want my kids to be busy with lots of different activities and I want them to be able to sit down by themselves and enjoy some alone time. I want them to be able to sit back and relax with a good book or to just stare off into the unknown. The best way I figure that I can teach this balance is by example. So, I’ve decided to start making some changes where busy and nothing are concerned. For someone who is constantly moving from one project to the next, I suppose it’s time to take a step back and maybe sit outside and stare off into the unknown, enjoying the sun and the breeze. Wow! As I’m writing this, a sense of calm sweeps over me at the thought of relaxing on the patio and staring off into the unknown. Why haven’t I thought of this before?

You know, it turns out that nothing is really a fascinating subject.