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On Monday one of my friends flew in from New York City to stay with us for a couple of days. The second he walked into our house he pulled out a large box from a NYC bakery called Schmackary’s filled with cookies!

Inside we found some freakin’ amazing cookies! Ten cookies to be exact. 4 – bacon cookies, 2 red velvet cookies, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and 2 s’more cookies. Yum!

Naturally we had to try the bacon cookie first. I have never tasted anything like it. You would think “Bacon cookie? Yuck!” Were we wrong. The combination of sweet and salty is satisfying for the taste bud, plus there is the extra added bits of bacon that top off the entire experience. And that’s what eating this cookie was…an experience.

I also tried the red velvet cookie with walnut creme frosting. Not only did this cookie have chocolate chips, but it also had white chocolate chips that had melted and made this amazing swirl through the entire cookie. Unfortunately, I have this weird nut complex where I can’t eat anything with them. And once I even think there is a nut in something, I’m done with it. I don’t have an allergy. I just don’t like nuts enough that is messes with my head. Ridiculous…I know. So, when I saw the beautiful red cookies decorated with a walnut in the center that was kind of it for me. I did not give that cookie the justice that it deserved.

My favorite cookie, however, was the s’more cookie. First of all, it’s important to know that I don’t like s’mores. Well, the graham cracker part of the s’more anyway. Give me the marshmallow and chocolate and that’s all I need. Knowing this, I honestly was nervous about trying this cookie. I thought it was going to have a little too much graham cracker taste.

Wrong again. The cookie was lightly flavored with cinnamon with chunks and chunks of chocolate. Top that off with a marshmallow creme, lightly scorched of course. Heaven in my mouth! I ate one and half of the two cookies (I had to leave half for the hubby to try). They were SO GOOD!

I have to say, Schmackary’s has truly mastered the art of the cookie!