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In PoppyHill Baby I decided to FINALLY expand my product range and thought that the BBA’s September challenge would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Brought to us by Nancy of N. Fallon Design Studio, the challenge is to try a new media or technique.

While scrolling through Pinterest one day, I found an awesome tutorial on how to make handmade burp cloths. Now, I’ve been sewing for a long time. In fact, I do make baby quilts. So, you are probably wondering how making a burp cloth would be any different.

Well, there are a couple of aspects that are different. First, I have never worked with terry cloth or chenille before. Plus, I lined the terry cloth backed burp cloths with fleece which added to the thickness. I had to figure out how my little machine would do with these thicker fabrics. It turned out that the machine did really well, which made me very happy! Though I did have some trouble with the very thick corners once I turned the fabric right-side-out.

Second, I used two new stitches that I have never used before, and boy was that a challenge! Both of those stitches need specific (and different) speed settings or they get all tangled up and look terrible. I had a lot of trouble in particular with the zigzag  stitching around the edge. It took a lot of time on the first set of burp cloths to figure out that my machine wants to go really, super slow for this particular stitch. Yeah, I could have just chosen another stitch, such as a straight triple stitch, but that would not have been a new technique AND it would have looked like every other Etsy shop who sells handmade burp cloths. It is really important to me that mine stand out and have an extra little something special.

It took several tries on a few of the sets that I created, but eventually I figured it all out. I’m very happy with the end results and I’m very proud of how they have all turned out! This was a really great challenge Nancy!