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Every two years one of my friends puts together an all-girls trip. This year the trip was to Jamaica. What an amazing time! We stayed at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay in Negril – an all inclusive resort on the beach. Though the pink and lavendar walls might be off putting at first, the rest of the resort more than makes up for it.

View of the lobby from the courtyard

This was as relaxing as it looks!

But, the pool and the resort were not the reason we were there. We were there for the beach. White sand, warm water and a lounge chair and I’m happy!


The Beach!

Naturally, since I’d never been before, I had to do something touristy. There are a lot of travellers out there that don’t like to do the touristy things and usually I’m one of them. HOWEVER, Jamaica is a third-world country and the people are very hungry for American dollars. So, I would rather give them my money to say, swim with dolphins than give it to the same attraction over in Hawaii. I feel like my money is actually helping support people who really need it (yes, it’s possible that they are using it to buy a bunch of weed, but I like the whole “ignorance is bliss” perspective).

Dolphin Kiss

All together, my Jamaican experience was fabulous. I spent four amazing days with wonderful girl friends laughing and bonding. I saw amazing sunsets, was harrassed by beach vendors, and met some really cool people. Two years until the next trip? I can’t wait!

Jamaican sunset with a little rain in the distance

A cool little house on the way to the resort

The girls…I’m the one on the bottom in the green dress