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I have been waiting all summer for this…the return of TV! Yes, I’m a TV junkie. I love TV. I love good TV.

This week I will be reviewing new and returning shows that premiere on one of the following networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, and FOX. I am one of those odd balls that don’t have cable or a DVR, so I’m limited to what I can watch. Of course, I’ll be checking out Hulu as well to see if there are any new and interesting shows on cable that I can view.

Tonight, however, is especially exciting! It’s the return of Castle and those who are devoted followers know where we left off. It was probably the most anticipated and the most steamiest hook-ups in television history – Castle and Beckett…FINALLY! I can’t wait to see how that turned out.

I’ll also be reviewing CBS‘ line up: How I Met Your Mother (8:00pm), 2 Broke Girls (9:00pm) and Mike and Molly (9:30pm). CBS is also premiering a new show called Partners in the 8:30pm time slot (Two and Half Men, which previously held the 9:00pm time slot has moved to Thursday nights), which I will give a go.

Each day I hope to give a review of what I watched the previous night and wrap up with what I’ll be watching on the current night. We’ll see how this plan goes. I do tend to get behind, so wish me luck!

Happy Premiere Season!