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Last night was a great night and a not so great night for the shows that I watched. Here’s the round-up…

How I Met Your Mother

What a great start to the new season! When we left our quirky group of friends last spring, Barney was getting ready to walk down the aisle with Robin. For those that didn’t see that coming, that means that his engagement to Quinn would be short-lived. The writers have already told us that they would spend this season showing us how that came to be. How did Robin and Barney reunite? Not to mention, Ted took off with run-away bride Victoria. We all know that Victoria isn’t who Ted ends up with, so I guess we’ll see how this relationship falls apart…yet again.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

The premiere started off right where we left off. Except both Robin and Barney had the jitters and both were attempting to run from their wedding. And so the flashback began. We saw Ted sitting at a train station remembering the events of the day. But the flashback goes back even farther, back to when Barney first got engaged to Quinn and when Lily and Marshall became new parents to Marvin Wait-for-it Erikson (the best middle name ever!). Lily and Marshall are seriously, I mean seriously, sleep deprived. They are unwilling to admit they need help instead wanting to prove to everyone that they can handle the challenges of being a new parent. Something we all can relate too.

But the best part of the episode is that you get to see the exact moment, Ted meets his future wife. At least that’s what it appears to be. Waiting at the train station in the rain, she walks up with guitar case in hand and bright yellow umbrella overhead (just enough to cover every part of her body except her legs). Maybe, just maybe, we might get to see her this season. But, the other question remains…once me meet her, is the show over? I know I’m not quite ready for that answer to be yes.

Rating: B+


From the producers of Will and Grace comes Partners. Basically about two best friends – one straight, Joe (played by David Krumholtz)  and one gay, Louis (played by Michael Urie) – who navigate through their lives as partners in an architecture firm they co-founded. That is pretty much the entire show.

Partners’ premiere was dull and unoriginal. But as most pilots go, that’s to be expected. I suppose there is a chance for it to gain ground in the coming weeks, but I’m not sure. The writing is sub par and the acting isn’t much better. The only good thing about it is that the show has two more chances to convince me that the 8:30 time slot on CBS isn’t shower time.

Rating: C

2 Broke Girls

What was it about 2 Broke Girls that caught our attention last season? The one liners that Kat Dennings’ shoots out of her mouth as snarky waitress, Max Black. But I have to admit that season two isn’t off to the greatest start. I’m actually wondering what it is about the show that keeps me coming back. Honestly I don’t know. The idea of the cupcake business is getting old. Every episode is spent on how they attempt to get enough money to get it off the ground. But the problem is that in some episodes they lose money, in some they gain, and in some nothing changes. They are never going to get this thing open. So then what? Chuck Lorre has already attempted to increase the show’s appeal by adding Jennifer Coolidge as a Polish…actually it is so unimportant that I’ve forgotten what it is she does for a living. The writer’s only emphasize that she’s Polish.

All in all, I see a pretty sub par season for this one. Maybe that will change in the next two episodes.

Rating: C+

Mike and Molly

Now, Mike and Molly really hit the ground running! When we last left the two love birds they were celebrating their wedding and all the problems that went with it. The premiere picks up two weeks later as Mike and Molly’s honeymoon is coming to an end. Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell shine once again as the newly weds who now have to come to terms with the fact that they have to go back to reality. On their honeymoon they were able to enjoy the finer things that France has to offer – namely food. But once they get back they’ll be back on their diets again. I have to say, there is just something funny about an over-weight man trying to smuggle four wheels of french cheese and a ham in his carry-on luggage.

But it isn’t just Mike and Molly that make up the show. The supporting cast is just as hilarious. *** Spoiler Alert *** Molly’s family (whom Mike and Molly live with) celebrate the last day of the couple’s absence with mimosas, well except all that they have in the house is tequila and Tang. The two love birds return home to a passed out family, a house in ruins, and a plethora of cats (something Molly predicted). And don’t forget about Mike’s partner Carl (played by Reno Wilson) who has spent two weeks on patrol with a substitute for Mike. With an episode ending like this one had, I’m definitely looking forward to this season!

Rating: B


I am SO excited that Castle is back! One of my most favorite shows on television, I was ecstatic last season when Castle and Beckett FINALLY hooked-up!

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Okay, as far as season premieres are concerned, I thought that this one has been the best by far for two reasons:

1) Castle and Beckett are now in a relationship, a secret relationship, but still a relationship. We’ve waited to long for this to happen and now that it has it would just be cruel of the writers to take that away from us. And let me say, Nathan Fillion (who I’ve just fallen in love with) and Stana Katic have some freakin’ amazing chemistry!

2) Crime dramas like Castle usually have at least one story line that remains unsolved until the last episode of the entire show when it all comes out. For Castle’s season 5 premiere, the writer’s were gracious enough to solve the murder of Beckett’s mother. But, what the writers did to maintain this story’s importance to the show was to leave a bunch of holes in it. I won’t reveal the identity of the person behind the entire conspiracy, but lets just say justice has not been served. Justice will come in time, but for now Beckett has made a deal with him in order to keep herself alive. Genius! We, the viewers, get some closure on the mystery while the writers leave an opening to revisit the topic. I love great writing! But, most importantly, I love Castle!

Rating: A+

Tonight I will be watching FOX’s Tuesday night line-up which includes: The New Girl (8:00pm and 9:00pm), Ben and Kate (8:30pm), and The Mindy Project (9:30pm). Check back tomorrow for my thoughts on these shows!