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FOX’s Tuesday night premieres proved to have a lot of potential. Here’s my round-up review…

New Girl (8:00 and 9:00pm)

I’ve missed New Girl! I feel like this show gets better and better with every episode. The cast has found its rhythm and the writers have written them beautifully. Have I mentioned that I love this show?

The new season picks up two months later, after Schmidt’s broken penis mishap and his break-up with Cece, Nick moved back in with the crew, Jess had an interestingly steamy confrontation with Nick, and Winston found a new job as a lackey for a disc jockey. Whew…it was a busy spring.

***Spoiler Alert ***

In the first episode of the night, Jess is laid off and has to come to terms that she is no longer a teacher, and she is completely lost without this identity. I imagine that several episodes will deal with Jess and her dysfunctional way of handling her job loss, along with finding a new one. But, for the time being, she has Nick is there to console her. For some strange and hilarious reason she is comforted when Nick is mean and yells at her, even when he takes it too far. Seriously, I really hope that the writers don’t wait forever to get these two together – Nick and Jess are perfect for each other. Meanwhile, the background story revolves around Schmidt and his newly healed penis. Schmidt decides to have a “re-branding” party to let the world know that he’s back, and he’s dangerous. Max Greenfield’s “Schmidt” is probably one of my favorite characters on TV (next to “Sheldon Cooper” of course). Though he still hasn’t gotten over Cece, Schmidt returns douche-ier than ever, an irresistible quality.

I know I’m starting to sound repetitive, but I’m so happy that New Girl is back! I do have one suggestion for the writers and that is to give Lamorne Morris (the guy who plays Winston) more story lines. Yes, I love Jess, Nick and Schmidt, but sometimes it seems like Winston is left in the background. It would be nice to see this show become more of an ensemble cast. All in all though, New Girl is definitely a show that can’t be missed!

Rating: A

Ben and Kate (8:30pm)

I’m going to be honest and say that I did not have the highest expectations for this show. The story is about the odd and dysfunctional relationship between single mom, Kate (played by Dakota Johnson) and her juvenile brother, Ben (played by Nat Faxon) who blows in and out-of-town whenever he pleases. However, when Ben realizes that Kate needs help raising her daughter, he decides to stick around to help her out.

The pilot for Ben and Kate was just that – a pilot. It was an introduction to the characters and the situation. Sure, there are a few funny parts in it and I do think there is potential for growth. I’m just not sure it will get the chance. FOX is very good at cancelling shows that don’t perform well in the first three episodes and it will be going up against the second half hour of NCIS, Dancing with the Stars and The Voice. Good luck Ben and Kate.

Rating: B-

The Mindy Project (9:30pm)

Mindy Kaling is best known for her work on The Office as “Kelly Kapoor,” the annoying customer service representative for paper company, Dunder Mifflin. However, Ms. Kaling did more than act; she was one of the staff writers for the show. Plus, there is also her best-selling book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (and Other Concerns). So, it’s no surprise that this creative talent has branched out to creating and writing her own show, The Mindy Project.

The story is about Mindy Lihiri, an OB/GYN who is obsessed with the idea that her life could be a romantic-comedy. Thinking she found her happily ever after, she is devastated when she suddenly finds herself single again after her boyfriend (played by Bill Hader) dumps her for the hospital bagel girl – whom he also marries.

Mindy clearly lives in her own reality, a quality that makes her both funny and appealing. And much like Ben and Kate, the show has a lot of potential to grow. I look forward to next week’s episode to see where Mindy is going to take, well “Mindy.”

 Rating: B

Tonight is the premiere of some long awaited shows! Returning is a one-hour episode of The Middle (8:00pm), Modern Family (9:00), The Neighbors (9:30pm), and the new soapy drama Nashville (10:00 pm). I’m espeically looking forward to Nashville tonight!