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Wednesday night’s TV time was devoted to ABC’s line-up including The Middle, Modern Family, and the debut of The Neighbors. I have to say, so far Wednesday was not my favorite night. I was SUPER excited about the premiere of Nashville, but it turns out that I was misinformed and the show doesn’t start until October 10th. BUMMER!

Here’s my Wednesday night round-up…

The Middle

The Middle is one of those dependable shows that you can miss an episode knowing that you can go back to it later. The truth is that it just isn’t a show that I’m dying to watch every week. If I have kids that need to get to bed, I’m not exactly freaking out that I’m going to miss The Middle. You know what I mean?

The season 4 premiere was all about Mike and Frankie Heck’s attempt to re-live their childhood summer vacation. In a world where technology rules our childhoods, the idea of drive-in movies and picnics are foreign concepts to the Heck children – Axl, Sue, and Brick.  *** Spoiler Alert *** One of my favorite parts of the episode happens when the kids try to understand why they would want to go watch a movie from the car when they could just watch it inside their house on the couch. Priceless. I hope my kids don’t get that jaded!

All in all, The Middle’s season 4 premiere was okay. It wasn’t better than any previous episode, but it was bad or boring either. It was just okay. Will I keep watching the show? Yep, as long as the kids go to bed on time.

Rating: B

Modern Family

Surprisingly, I was kind of disappointed with the season premiere of Modern Family. I’m used to the show’s consistent delivery of big laughs and touching moments in one half-hour time slot. But, last night’s premiere just didn’t deliver.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

The episode mostly focuses on how Gloria (Sofia Vergara) will deliver her stunning news that she’s pregnant to her 65-year-old husband, Jay (by Ed O’Neil). Manny is stressed out because he thinks he will have to compete for attention from Jay. Plus, Claire (Emmy winner Julie Bowen) is ecstatic that Gloria will get fat. Meanwhile, Mitchel (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Emmy winner Eric Stonestreet) struggle with the adoption that fell through last season.

Fast forward several months to Gloria’s baby shower and that’s pretty much it. I was a little confused as to what the writer’s are attempting to do. Are they going to show us what happened in the months we, the viewers, didn’t see? Or are they going to continue forward and just fill in the pieces during the season? The other problem is that, frankly, it just didn’t deliver the big laughs that I expect. Yeah, there were a few good gags that involved some improperly place stuffed toys and Phil (Ty Burell is still a genius), but that was really it. So, now I wonder, have my expectations of Modern Family become to high?

Rating: C

The Neighbors

Please ABC, cancel this show. That’s all I got to say.

Rating: F

What’s on deck for tonight? It will be a mix of networks tonight. Last Resort debuts on ABC, so I’ll definitely be giving it a shot. NBC actually premiered Up All Night, The Office, and Parks and Recs last week, so I will review both episodes of each (um, by the way Parks and Recs IS one of the best shows on television, so high expectations for that one). Then I’ll be heading back to ABC for the premiere of Scandal. Thursday night is looking to be a good night for TV.

P.S. I will not review Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t stand the show anymore, especially the past two season, so I’ve given up on it.