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Okay, so I know today is Sunday and Thursday night’s TV round-up is just being posted. But, in my defense there is a lot of TV to write about on Thursday nights. Here is my Thursday night round-up…

Last Resort (8:00pm on ABC)

As a last-minute game change, the hubby and I decided to skip SNL’s Weekend Update (we’ll watch it on Hulu), instead opting for Last Resort. I was a little if-ish about this new show. The show is about a U.S. nuclear submarine – the U.S.S. Colorado – that receives orders to nuke Pakistan. But, the commanding officers realize that something is not quite right about those orders and instead decide to defy it. Basically, they go rogue. When the U.S. attempts – and fails – to shoot down the submarine to contain the issue, the crew of the U.S.S. Colorado find themselves deemed outlaws. Great premiss right?

Honestly, the first episode was pretty good. I went into the show with low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. But the show has one very significant problem: how are they going to get an entire season and more out of this one concept. Watching the first episode was like watching a movie. It had a beginning, a middle, and it could be argued, an end. So, what could possibly happen now? The crew has taken over a small island, I’m assuming in Indonesia, and have set up a base. Are they going to create their own government or are they going to work on trying to find a way to get home? How long can these people stay confined to this one island? This isn’t Lost after all.

I will give Last Resort at least one more episode before I decide whether or not to stick with it or dump in entirely. Right now, however, I don’t have a lot of hope for it.

Rating: B+

The Office (9:00pm on NBC)

This is the final season of The Office. All I have to say is finally.

Rating: C-

Parks and Recreations (9:30pm on NBC)

Parks and Recs is probably one of the best, and most under appreciated, shows on television. I love this show! And I love everything about it. The characters are brilliantly written and the actors just add that much more to them. Amy Poehler is a genius. Nick Offerman – genius. Plus, the additions of both Adam Scott and Rob Lowe in season 3 were and still are brilliant additions to the show. Yeah, I’m saying brilliant a lot, but I love this show!

This season we find Leslie Knope starting her new position as City Councilwoman of Indiana’s city of Pawnee. As we all know, the people of Pawnee are not the most rational people and Leslie finds herself struggling with a decision to tax sugar sodas (one great gag is a child-sized soda, meaning the soda cup is the size of a child). Meanwhile, her boyfriend Ben (Adam Scott) is working for a political campaign in Washington D.C. with his assistant April (played by the brilliant Aubrey Plaza). Ben, the world’s biggest dork, has to gain the respect of his interns who happen to have parents in very, very high places. All I will say is that it does not go well.

Park and Recs is both hilarious and touching at the same time. The insanity and awkward predicaments that the writer’s create for these characters are most definitely worth my time. I’ll definitely be sticking around for this one!

Rating: A+

Scandal (10:00pm on ABC)

Did you watch season 1 of Scandal last winter/spring? No? Go watch it on Hulu…Now!

Creator Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice) has done it yet again. Moving away from her medical dramas, Ms. Rhimes has created an original and intriguing story. Oliva Pope operates a crisis management firm where she “manages” Washington D.C.’s biggest scandals. With her team of top-notch investigators, Olivia Pope always gets to the truth and alway spins the story in the right direction. The only thing Olivia can’t seem to manage is, of course, her love life. Involved in a potentially scandalous affair with the President of the United States, Olivia must gain control of her own feelings and figure out how to stay away from the man she loves.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Season 2 starts off where season 1 ended…the revelation that new employee Quinn Perkins is not who she says she is, thus starting off the season with the question: Who is Quinn Perkins? This is the mystery that will most likely be revealed and solved throughout the season. If this story is anything like last season’s Amanda Tanner story, then we are in for a treat. If there is one thing that Shonda Rhimes and her team knows how to do, it’s how to throw unexpected twists and turns at their viewers.

I must also point out the wonderful performance that Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) delivers. Her matter-of-fact, I’m-always-right, know-it-all approach to even the toughest situations presents a strong and capable women we can all look up too. But, it’s more than just that tough woman exterior that I love. It’s her vulnerability and her doubts – seen only when she’s safe behind the closed doors of her office or apartment. This season it looks like Olivia has her hands full with a few questionable moral decisions. We already know that she is some how involved with Quinn Perkin’s mysterious identity change, but what did she do? How Olivia manages her two-faced moral obligations is a masterpiece. She knows she bends the truth to serve her clients, even in cases where she knows they are guilty. But she remains humble in the sight of these unethical situations and takes nothing for granted.

Scandal is definitely a show that I recommend to everyone. It’s a show my husband and I love to watch together, a rarity in this house. So, like I said before. Go watch season 1 on Hulu or Netflix so you can start watching season 2.

Rating: A

Sunday night TV is here at last! Two of the MOST anticipated shows of the season start tonight and you bet I’ll be reviewing them on tomorrow’s post. Once Upon A Time resumes its ABC time slot at 8:00pm. I love, love, love Once Upon A Time! What a great concept! The writers have given the show so much room to grow. I am seriously excited to see what happens in Storybrooke now that the curse is broken. Aren’t you? But, then it gets better as ABC decided to move Revenge into the old Desperate Housewives time slot at 9:00pm. The rumor mill around Revenge has gone crazy, so us fans are definitely salivating over how Emily Thorne (a.k.a. Amanda Clarke) is going to finsh what she started last season. Finally, new comer 666 Park Avenue is on at 10:00pm, so I will be giving that one a shot as well. I can’t wait until 8:00pm!