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ABC‘s Sunday night line-up is AMAZING! Here’s my round-up…

Once Upon A Time (8:00pm)

When we left Storybrooke last season the curse was broken by an act of true love from a mother to her son. However, Rumpelstiltskin released something new into their world…magic.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

The episode started out with two riders frantically racing towards an abandoned castle. Those riders it turns out are Prince Phillip (from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty) and Mulan who are searching for sleeping beauty herself, Aurora. Phillip is keeping a secret from newly awakened Aurora, one that he insists Mulan keep as well. The secret: among other things, Phillip has the mark of a waif and is determined to sacrifice himself in order to spare both Aurora and Mulan. Unfortunately for Phillip, the waif wins the battle.

Flash forward to present day…or so you think it’s a flash forward (more on that in a minute). Magic is a new phenomenon in Storybrooke and Evil Queen Regina discovers quickly that it doesn’t work the same as it did before. Cursed by Rumple with the threat of a waif determined to suck out her soul, Regina must work together with Snow White, Prince Charming and Emma in order to remain among the living.

Here’s where the story gets really good and a major spoiler alert, so if you don’t want to know what happened, skip down to the next review. While trying to throw the waif back to the old land of fairy tales – by using Jefferson’s (the mad hatter) magic hat – the waif, Emma and Snow White are sucked into the abyss. No one knows where they went. Are they dead? Are they alive? Where did they go?

Here is where it gets really interesting. Turns out Aurora’s story is much more complicated than originally thought. According to Mulan the curse that was released on fairytale land didn’t touch their corner of the universe. Somehow, they were spared, but they do not know why. In addition, after the horrifying battle with the waif and the loss of Phillip, both Mulan and Aurora discover the reason that brought the waif to their world in the first place – Emma and Snow White!

The writers have now created three worlds! You have the past – fairytale land (or the one where Snow White has gorgeous, long hair), the present – Storybrooke, and now another dimension – fairytale land, twenty-eight years later. The possibilities for story lines just grew exponentially!

Once Upon A Time is a show that can only continue to grow. Plus, it looks like ABC may have increased their special effects budget which can only add that much more to the show. I can’t wait to see what happens next…How will Emma and Snow White get back to Storybrooke? How is magic’s new presence in Storybrooke going to impact the residents? What happened to the Aurora’s kingdom? I can’t wait!

Rating: A

Revenge (9:00pm).

A year ago, ABC cancelled two of my beloved soap operas (All My Children and One Life To Live) due to budgets and ratings. After watching them for 15+ years, you can imagine my devastation. Little did I know at the time, the network was already prepped to release a new soap opera – a primetime soap opera. What? Soaps in primetime? That’s right. It was called Revenge.

There is no other show on TV as soapy as Revenge. And the best part…everyone who watches it loves it, so no more poking fun at devoted soap opera fans!

Last season we left Emily Thorne as she discovered that her thought-to-be-dead mother is, well, not dead. She dumped Daniel after he sided with his father, Conrad Grayson, rather than come clean to the world about Conrad’s crimes. Charlotte was headed for dead as she over-dosed on a bottle of pills, and queen-bee Victoria Grayson’s plane exploded as it was about to take off, headed for Washington D.C. with a ton of evidence against Conrad. Oh, and “Amanda” returned to Jack, pregnant.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

This season starts off on Memorial Day in the Hamptons about four months later. Emily left after the explosion on a mission to recompose herself. Upon her return she discovers several things in the Hamptons have changed: Daniel is now dating Ashley, Victoria’s former assistant. “Amanda” has moved in with Jack and Declan. Conrad is still desperate for money and doing all he can to squeeze his children for their trust fund money. And Charlotte is alive and thriving in rehab.

More importantly Victoria isn’t dead, but living in a witness protection house somewhere in the middle of what seems to be no where. Here is the thing with soap operas – if you watch enough of them (and believe me, I have) you can figure out where the writers are going with certain storylines. Of course, we already knew the Victoria was alive. You don’t kill off your best love-to-hate villain. Plus, it’s Madeline Stowe! Who could they possibly get to play Victoria or another villain the way she plays Victoria. No one. The woman is amazing!

What else was predictable? Victoria had something to do with the disappearance of Emily’s mother. Well, at least for now. Soap rule #2: Nothing is forever and stories can always change mid-season. The writers on Revenge tend to start off the season thinking that they are going to take a storyline in one direction, only to change it later. Example: The original plan in season 1 was to kill off Daniel. They didn’t expect fans to latch onto Daniel the way that they did, so they changed the story and killed Tyler in his place. So, as I sit here and say that the show has its predictability, in the soap world nothing is forever. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler came back from the dead.

All in all, Revenge had a great season 2 premiere. I’m definitely invested in the mystery surrounding Emily’s mother and how the Graysons are involved. I, personally, would love to see Ashley shoved off a cliff by Emily, but all in good time I suppose. It’s going to be a great season!

Rating: A

666 Park Avenue (10:00pm)

I’m actually not sure what to say or how I feel about 666 Park Avenue. It is definitely no American Horror Story, but on network television, it really can’t compete on the same level.

The premiss is an apartment building in New York City owned by Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn – Lost) and Olivia Doran (Vanessa Williams) who hire new building manager Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and her boyfriend Henry Martin (Dave Annable). It appears that Mr. and Mrs. Doran are the Devil in disguise as tenants who have problems paying their “rent” (and I use the term loosly as “rent” for one tenant may not be the same for another…and I’m not talking dollar amounts) are sucked, literally, into the building.

To say the building is haunted in an understatement. There is definitely some crazy things going on inside. What I’m not sure is where the creators plan to go with it. Since this episode was only the pilot, I understand that the purpose is to introduce us to the characters and the concept of the story. That being said, I will at least give the show two more episodes.

Ratings: B-

Well, I did it! I got through an entire week of TV premieres! Is there a show that I didn’t review this past week and you are interested in my opinion? Let me know! I’d be happy to watch it and post my thoughts.

There will be a few shows here and there that I’ll be reviewing. Nashville and American Horror Story are just a couple that will be premiering in the up coming weeks.