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October’s Blogging Business Artisans Challenge comes from Kaili of Clock Work Ghost.

“I am sure we were all raised with bedtime stories, books or films that touched on a realm outside of our own. Use the inspiration of fairy tales from your youth to create something fantastic, whimsical or unseelie.”

At first when I read the challenge for this month, I was a little bummed. A few months ago I created and posted into my shop a Cinderella inspired invitation, thank you cards, and two individual clip art designs – her pumpkin coach and glass slipper. They would have been perfect for this month’s challenge! D’oh!

Well, after I got over it (like 2 minutes later) I started thinking about all of the fairy tales that I read growing up. I love fairy tales (big surprise right?), so immediately I thought about stories like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Beauty and the Beast. But then I thought, I did the princess thing already, maybe I should try something new. What I really wanted to create was an idea that I could add to my shop for the upcoming holidays.

And then it hit me! Hansel and Gretel! The story has a gingerbread house and what screams the holiday season more than a gingerbread house! I was very excited to start and after three weeks, I feel like it’s finally finished. What did that gingerbread house that they stumbled upon deep in the woods actually look like? I’d like to think something like this…

I haven’t added it to my Etsy shop just yet as I’m hoping to still create a digital clip art set to go along with it. Hopefully, it’ll be up in a week or two.