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Last night I saw the light and funny Pitch Perfect.

The story is about troubled, DJ-wanna-be Beca who is forced by her father to attend Bardem University. Beca would rather be in L.A. pursuing her DJ-ing dreams instead of joining the ranks of her fellow young collegiates in what her dad describes as “the opportunity to make memories.” When he purposes that if she can complete one year at Bardem as a full-participant in one extra curricular activity, he’ll pay for her to move to L.A. Determined to win the prize, Beca joins up with the Bardem Bellas, a collegiate  a capella group who didn’t quite finish off the previous season at the top of their game (can’t tell you why, too much of a spoiler). Basically, they are the laughing-stock of the university. Thus, Beca must help the down and out misfit Bellas rise to the top and crush their rivals, the Treble Makers, to win the a capella championship.

Though the story line is to say the least, predictable, it is still a pretty great movie. Anna Kendrick (The Twilight Saga, Up In The Air), one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood not only creates a three-dimensional character, but she can sing too! “Beca” is funny and irritating at the same time. Her constant brooding over her parents divorce underlies her sarcastic, loner personality and at one point in the movie you just want to punch her in the face and say “knock it off!” But she redeems herself time and again as she fights her urge to keep her distance from the girls, instead giving into the fact that she enjoys being a part of them.

Naturally, there must also be a love story involved. Skyler Astin (who has done a stint on both House M.D. and Girls), is relatively new to the big screen. His quirky take on Beca’s love interest, Treble Maker “Jesse,” is adorably hot! Plus, who doesn’t love a guy that can sing? Yet, what stands out the most about Mr. Astin’s performance is his range of emotional expressions – from “look how cute I am” to “you just crushed my heart.” You bet I’ll be watching out for more of Skyler Astin in the future.

While these two actors were awesome, I have a few bones to pick with the writers and producers of the movie. The amazingly hilarious Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids, bachelorette) was severely under used. The trailers lead you to believe that “Fat Amy” has a much bigger role. And let’s be honest, the fact that Rebel Wilson did such an amazing job in such a small role in Bridesmaids is a large part of why we are all going to see Pitch Perfect. We want to see more of her. In addition, Anna Camp’s uptight Bella leader “Aubrey” is also irritating. I do believe that Ms. Camp did her best with the material she was given, but it would have been nice if more of the movie concentrated on the Bellas’ growth as a group rather than on Aubrey’s control freak behavior.

Overall, I really liked Pitch Perfect. It’s light and funny and the soundtrack is amazing. Seriously, think I might pick it up this morning on iTunes if it’s available. This movie is definitely a great choice for girls-night-out.

Rating: B