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Every year, my sister and I contemplate what amazing feats of artistic talent we will showcase on our Halloween pumpkins. I’d like to think it is a kind of friendly competition between us (unbeknownst to her), but alas, she will always blow me out of the water. Her pumpkins are truly a treat for us all!

I will say that I have some pretty cool pumpkins (thank you handy pumpkin carving kit complete with tracing sheet). So, this year when I thought about what I was going to carve, I decided to stick with last year’s Sesame Streeet theme…yes, I still had tracing sheets left over.

Say hello to Bert and Ernie!

Okay, so now onto my sister’s pumpkin. Let me first preface this with a picture of what she carved a few years ago…

Pretty awesome right? Then there was this one last year…

So how does she top herself this year???

With a hand painted pumpkin…

So, I may never top my sister’s incredible pumpkin talent, but at least I’ll always have something to strive for. Well done, sis. Well done!