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I saw this cute advent calendar on Pinterest and was inspired to create my own.

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It took me FOREVER, but I finally finished the construction of the calendar just before December 1st. I found the hardest part to be coming up with twenty-four different activities to do each day till Christmas Eve. The first twelve were easy since half of them involved a Christmas movie and baking some kind of delicious treat. There are also Christmas decorations that need to be made, so those went in as well.

Then I got really creative. I started researching other winter holidays like Hanukkah, Diwali and Kwanzaa. In our household, we believe it’s important for our children to be open-minded and knowledgeable about all religious and non-religious holidays.  The problem with a few of these holidays is that Diwali was in November and Kwanzaa takes place after Christmas. I did, however, find a Hindu festival that starts on December 21 called Pancha Ganapati that celebrates the Hindu God Ganesha. We will also be learning about Hanukkah.

Some of our other activities include taking the kids shopping for a gift for a child we chose off of the angel tree, putting together teacher gifts, looking at neighborhood lights, and of course visiting Santa Claus (one that we have already completed).

It’s going to be a very exciting holiday season and I hope to share as much of it with you as I can!

Do you have any interesting or fun activities that you do with your family during the holidays? I would love to hear about them!

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My finished product