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My husband and I have a little issue where we like to change things around in our house. Okay, it’s more me than it is him, but he goes a long with it. There is just always a better way to utilize space and I’m always looking for it.

When we moved into our house seven years ago, the smallest bedroom was made into an office. Hubby chose the color. He wanted a neutral brown along the lines of a coffee color. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more poop color than coffee (don’t worry, he agreed with me that it was poopy). It was just too much brown in a small space. Not to mention we had barely any type of furniture in there, so there wasn’t exactly anything to break up the space.


When our first child was on his way, we were given the opportunity to transform the yucky office into a peaceful nursery. To add a little class to the space I also wanted to do a chair rail. Hubby loved that. It was our second time attempting to do the chair rail ourselves. The first time was in our own bedroom and it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. This time around, however, went much smoother since we previously learned some very valuable lessons. The decor was an easy choice. Since we planned to have at least two kids we chose to go neutral. Like most parents, we too lack the magic powers required to predict the gender of our soon-to-be children. Plus, the baby industry is a total racket and it only made sense to go with something that could be reused.

Nursery 020Nursery 2 008I loved how nursery turned out!  Soft greens, blues and yellows along with frogs and lily pads really turned the poopy brown office into a lovely room to spend time.











About a year and half later, good ol’ baby number two was on his way. Boy were we happy that we had gone the neutral route. Between diapers and formula our budget was hit hard. But, I couldn’t have the nursery be exactly the same. I had to personalize it for the new baby. When we found out we were having another boy I was ecstatic (Not for the decorating reason or the ability to hand down clothes, but it sure did help)! Going the neutral route the first time meant that I did more green than blue. So this time around I got to do more blue and cars and trucks and really boyish things. We kept the room largely the same and just changed out a few green items for blue ones such as the initials on the wall and more blue blankets and toys.

Harrys Nursery 025

This past New Years, my husband and I were at it again – this time it was both of us. After Harry climbed out of his crib, we knew it was time to move him into a big boy bed and finally give Mama the toy room she had always hoped for. The nursery is now a bedroom for two boys with bunk beds. Fun! But, most importantly, it is a space for relaxation and sleep, not for play time.

1-11-2013 008I wanted to do something really fun for their new bedroom. Something that I could encompass as much of the space as I can. Thus, I thought a Space theme would be perfect. Thankfully, Christmas had just passed and I mentioned to a few family members what our plans were for the big move. My boys were spoiled in that they received just about everything they needed for their new room. It was also very helpful because it got Jax really excited about moving into a new room.

Now the walls are filled with stars and planets! During the day, they get to see some very neat decals of the solar system. Plus they get to see a second solar system that hangs from the ceiling and a moon that sits up on the all (in the corner of the upper picture). At night…at night I tell you, this room at night is soooo awesome! There are stick-on glow stars and planets on the ceiling – complete with five constellations. Plus the planets that hang from the ceiling glow! And the final touch? The light moon that acts as a night-light for our oldest. It actually projects all of the phases of the moon during the month. We keep it on the sliver moon since it’s a bit bright.

1-11-2013 005

Our next project is to finish converting what used to be Jax’s bedroom into a toy room, complete with built-in shelves. The rooms will last us at least the next seven to ten years or so until the teenage years hit and we have to separate them. Until then, I just know these guys are going to have a great time star-gazing.