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January’s BBArtisan monthly challenge comes to us from Deb of Storybeader: “Set aside time to work on and complete a new technique that you admire. It can be within your field of expertise, but doesn’t have to be. Blog about your
project at least once during the month or make a video, if you want.”

One technique I really wanted to learn was how to make digital glitter. I set out looking for a tutorial online and found a few on Pinterest. The first one I tried came from a website called WikiHow To Do Anything.


My first attempt was pretty good, but not quite there yet:

Glitter Star

So, I found another website, again thanks to Pinterest, called Pugly Pixel. I liked the examples that Pugly Pixel displayed and she gave some great referrals to a couple other tutorials.

glitter 2

My second and third definitely improved:

glitter heart trys

I also discovered that the color I used made a huge difference in the quality of the glitter effect. The dark pink in my 3rd attempt with a couple sparkles looks much better than the lighter pink. I also learned that the shade of gray of my glitter pattern affected the depth of the glitter and how dark it turned out.

All in all, I was really happy that I explored this new technique. I have already listed several items in my Etsy shop with glitter embellishments and plan to continue to use them. It’s definitely a really cool effect!