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Recently I had a friend order several custom made items from my Etsy shop, PoppyHill Baby. Her niece’s baby shower is in a couple of weeks and the theme is brown and pink. Naturally, she wanted everything – diaper motorcycle, lovey, and quilt – all to match the theme. Finding some of the items in the store was a little tricky, but we managed and I think they are all going to come together beautifully.

One of the great things about this custom lovey is that I learned a new technique that I may start using in my shop. It is the first time I have ever sewn an animal head onto one of my lovies! My friend is in love with bunnies, so when she saw this little guy in the store, she knew she wanted his head. I’ll admit that it was nerve racking cutting it a part, but now that it’s all sewn on I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. I’ve given this bunny new life!

2-21-2013 008

She also ordered a diaper motorcycle. Honestly, I make peanuts off of a diaper motorcycle and my husband asks my why I still do them. Simple. They are so much fun to put together! Plus, it’s a challenging task to find the necessary items to fit a customer’s theme. The challenge to this particular one was to find toy links that would fit the pink and brown theme. And they MUST fit the theme – no exception. So, we worked together and found a pair of pastel yellow toy links that added just the right pop of color. But the cherry on top of this one is the classic Pooh bear that is riding the motorcycle. There is just something about his cute little curly hair and brown eyes that really fit the whole picture. So adorable!2-21-2013 003