Yesterday morning my husband woke up, walked downstairs and found that the living room was trashed! Chairs were tipped over, toys were every where, and magazines were thrown about. Just as he was starting to yell for the boys, he realized something new on the floor. There was leprechaun gold all over the place and a couple of leprechauns hats that he hadn’t seen before. It dawned on him then that today is St. Patrick’s Day and a couple of leprechauns must have broken into our house and had a party!

The boys were thrilled! Jax was so excited that they had left gold and hats. He told everyone he saw today about the “sneaky” leprechauns. Harry really only cared about the hats, but at least he was happy.

This is only a part of the mess. Behind me is a staircase with blankets threaded through the rails, a hat on the banister, and more toys tossed about. My favorite touch is the stuffy in the box wearing the frog hat. Something tells me the toys may have partied a little too hard with those “sneaky” leprechauns!

Leprechaun mess