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Gosh, I think it’s been at least a couple of months since I’ve posted anything real. The family and I made the big move from North Carolina to Southern California in late July. We drove across the country in three days with a two-year-old and a four-year-old, two dogs, a cat and a lizard. It was absolutely crazy, but thankfully everyone handled the trip great!

So, the majority of August has involved adjusting to the time change, settling into my in-laws house (until we are ready to look for a place of our own), and really just becoming acquainted with our new home. The best change so far is the weather. It’s nice to be able to go outside in the afternoon and not be suffocated by humidity or eaten by mosquitos. Plus, it’s been raining for about three months straight in Charlotte…seriously.

Naturally, having lived in Charlotte for seven years, I miss my home. I miss my house and my garden. I miss watching the squirrels fight each other for bird seed. But most of all, I miss our friends. Homesickness is a new illness that has hit me harder than anyone in our family. Jax, my four-year-old has experienced it a little be as he sometimes asks when we can visit is “old house.” For the most part though, he’s adjusted fabulously.  Sure, I’ve moved lots of times throughout my life, but I never had a home like I did in Charlotte. The depression and anxiety that goes with it can be challenging, however, I have a great and extremely understanding husband who has helped me with it. Plus, my mother-in-law’s help with the kids is a perk that I’m still getting used to!

Now that we are for the most part settled, I look forward to getting back to creating new items for my shops and blogging about the wonderful and creative world that we live in! I’ve already added a few new items for Back to School, Halloween, and Christmas to my Etsy shop PoppyHill Creations. I’m also looking forward to Fall TV which will be starting in a few short weeks. And now that I have cable again, I’ll be able to review a few more TV shows. Plus, there is a wonderful array of new movies heading into theaters for the upcoming Oscar season. My niece has started middle school and I see some wonderful new art pieces to share with you in the upcoming school year. Not to mention that Jax will be starting his last year of preschool so that’s another thing to look forward too!

I appreciate all of your patience during my little hiatus and look forward to hearing from you on future posts. Enjoy the rest of your summer!