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As a member of the BBAritsans Etsy team, we are required to participate in several challenges throughout the year. It’s a fun way to explore new and creative ideas that you might not do on your own.

February’s challenge is called “Show us what you love” and is brought to by Sharla at Beaded Tail (Sharla makes amazing jewelry, so please stop by her shop when you have a chance!).

    “Love is celebrated this month so show us what you love! Whether it’s time with family, spring around the corner, food or furbabies, create something that shows us what you love!”

I love my kids and love sending them to school with unique valentines. I think it makes the experience a little bit more special knowing that mom made your valentines rather than just bought them at the store (please no offense. I know we all don’t have time to make stuff. Lord knows I barely eeked this one out!). Eventually, as the boys get older they will be able to help make their own valentines, but until then the task falls to me.

I love my kids and so that means I get to love what they love, and right now they love anything that glows. While flicking through Pinterest a week ago I found the perfect valentines for them! Cute little cards that read “Valentine you make my heart glow.” Each had a little glow bracelet attached. It was adorable!

I put my own spin on the idea and created this Valentine card:

This is available in my shop, hence the watermark.

This is available in my shop, hence the watermark.

They came out even cuter when I printed them and added the glow sticks, which I found at Michael’s for a dollar. Glow photo 

I think I broke about six bracelets while sliding them into the cards. The boys loved them, plus they got to have all the glow sticks that I broke (more for them!).

Watching their excitement over these little glow bracelets was priceless. My oldest even slept with his under his pillow. It is times like these when my boys teach me to appreciate the little things in life, and in this case, glow sticks.